Why is Silica so Good for You

Silica (SiO) is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Though often referred to as Silicon (Si), Silica is actually bonded Silicon. It molecularly bonds to oxygen in a ratio of four oxygen atoms to each silicon atom to form silica. And due to it’s affinity for oxygen, silicon in its elemental form is actually very rare. But silica is actually an important base mineral in the health of our connective tissue.

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THIS is the Best ‘One Thing’ You Want to Do for Your Health

There obviously can’t be just one pill to cure all ailments, no one fruit, vegetable, herb, nutrient, or ‘one thing’ that will completely solve the causes of weight issues, cure all cancers, colds, flus, digestive distress or breakouts. And for every pill, there seems to be another pill to address the side effects of the first one. […]

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