Harmful Side-Effects and Hidden Sources of MSGs to Watch For

If you have not heard about the dangers of MSG then you need to.

Even if you have, you should understand how it is hidden by many other names, and the reasons that MSG is so dangerous.

Did you now that MSG was used in studies of rats to cause them to become obese for the purpose of studying diabetes? They named the rats in these studies “MSG-Treated Rats”.

Watch this video to understand why the food industry then began to use so much MSG.

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Now – just because you do not see ‘MSG’ or ‘monosodium glutamate’ on the label, don’t think you are in the clear. Just read this list of hidden sources of MSG and know what you are buying and how the food industry is deceiving you!

If you haven’t seen enough, here is another article on MSG along with some references.

The studies are widespread and well known. It’s just that we do forget and get lax in our attention to detail in our daily diet, and with something so dangerous that is so prevalent it pays to have a reminder now and then!

To Your Health!

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