Is Olive Oil Really Good for Your Heart?

Olive Oil is thought of as one of the most healthy oils, but while that may be true, anything in excess can be dangerous, and we can still easily get too much of the wrong types of fats (e.g., oils) in our diet.

The right balance of fat and the right types of fat are essential to optimum health.

This video with Dr. Mark Furmahn reveals that what you don’t know can hurt you, especially if you act on what you think is true when it may not be entirely so.  There is actually a correlation to health indicators after consumption of fats, both olive oil and fast foods.

Always maintain a healthy portion of your diet in fruits and vegetables, and cut back on oils!

When you do buy Olive Oil, so many popular brands now hide the fact that they’re mixing it with other oils, so it is best to buy only ‘first cold pressed’.

The importance of eating nuts and seeds for health, rather than oils can’t be overstated.

For more on the effects of fats in our diet and getting the right types of fat, read the posts here in Inflammation and on Essential Fatty Acids.

Here is another great way to keep your skin looking young and healthy. 

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