Are You Healthy? Check Your Colon!

Did you know that your health begins in your colon?

Many of us go along thinking that as long as we feel fine, and maybe even working out, eating healthy sometimes, or so we believe, that we’re doing as well as we can be.

But what happens in our digestive system is usually taken for granted. Thousands of chemical reactions and enzymes are at work breaking down our food as it passes through our stomach and small intestine.

By the time it reaches our large intestine, it should be digested to the point that the walls of the colon can absorb the nutrients from our food. This is where nutrient absorption takes place.

But sometimes things that we absorb are not so healthy, and actually accumulate on the walls of the colon, causing not only a depletion in nutrient absorption, but a toxic buildup as well.

These toxins are then able to pass into our bloodstream in place of the nutrients that are no longer allowed to pass through the blockages.

We all know that we should be getting colon screenings by age 50. Why is that?

It is because colon cancer is one of the most curable forms of cancer as long as it is caught early.

Not only that, it is preventable! And it’s not just colon cancer you should worry about.

The colon is as much responsible if not more for ridding your body of toxins as your kidneys and sweat glands. These are the only ways that your body has to remain at the peak of health.

But even so, over time, there begins a buildup in the colon walls that prevent both absorption of nutrients AND the elimination of toxins. You do not even notice this, but you might notice that over the years you see smaller and smaller diameter stools.

Yet the ways and means to prevent this buildup, and potentially not only colon but other cancers to begin to grow are so simple, and require only a bit of attention on our part!

The three primary things just happen to be three primary keys to your overall wellness, the correct amounts on a daily basis of water, fiber, and do not forget exercise (yes, even for your digestive health!).

Why? Your health begins in your colon!

So pay close attention, it is never too late to turn things around. If you are overweight or even if not, think about this. Even if you think you are healthy.

A dear friend of mine who is just about 150 lbs, very fit and thin, recently had two bouts of extreme constipation to the point we thought it was appendicitis and he ended up in the emergency room in dire pain (an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10).

The CT scan they gave him required a fluid that he could barely get down, it took him over an hour and a half to drink it all. Thankfully they eliminated both diverticullitis and appendicitis.

But of course after a second bout of the same thing within 2 months he had an endoscopy and colonoscopy scheduled, and is now aware that he has Celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

That one took 2 of the smaller and 3 hot water bottle size warm water enemas to clear the blockage.

Now he’s on a regimen of fiber (and of course, getting the required 1/2 oz. per lb. of body weight in water!), digestive enzymes and probiotics which have helped him recover (and will still take a while, the enemas clear the lower intestine of the good flora which is necessary for healthy digestion).

You should be concerned if your digestive health is not good, because this can be a warning sign that you are not only accumulating toxicity, but even getting less nutrition into your system to counteract that toxicity.

Paying attention to your body is a must, and taking the proper steps to ensure your health is a must for preventing serious chronic disease in the future!



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