THIS is the Best ‘One Thing’ You Want to Do for Your Health

There obviously can’t be just one pill to cure all ailments, no one fruit, vegetable, herb, nutrient, or ‘one thing’ that will completely solve the causes of weight issues, cure all cancers, colds, flus, digestive distress or breakouts.

And for every pill, there seems to be another pill to address the side effects of the first one. Pharmaceutical, medical and agrochemical industries are all operating in a space that feeds into and from a cycle of sickness.

Many drugs and supplements have overlooked side effects, and double blind studies can’t possibly cover but a small percentage of real scenarios.

And instead of better from all the great nutritional discoveries, obesity and chronic diseases are becoming the norm, and we’re dying at ages younger than the last generation.

It gets a bit discouraging.

I gave up blogging in for a few years after my mother’s short battle with pancreatic cancer, feeling I was finding out only too little too late how many things that we were and weren’t doing, or that we just didn’t know before things got so bad, that may have given us many more precious months together or even avoiding the whole thing.

But after a long while, faced with my dear friend’s breast cancer diagnosis just recently, I began researching again, and something started to become crystal clear.

At the bottom of every mountain of research on any one nutrient, mineral, vitamin, phytochemical or biochemical reaction that I had ever read about, there was a common thread of information, a simple key to health, that had been hiding in plain site.

Just eat more fresh, plant based food.

THIS ONE SIMPLE THING has no known side effects or drug interactions, and has been proven in thousands of studies to help

  1. detox your body
  2. bolster your immune system, giving your body a massive anti-oxidant producing capacity
  3. improve your metabolism with powerful enzymes that art as catalytic energy producers and facilitate mineral absorption
  4. provide anti-inflammatory effects from the phytonutrients
  5. balance your body’s pH to healthy levels, preventing disease

ALL of these are disease preventative!

So if you really were hoping for just one simple thing you could focus on to improve your overall health, with the one possible exception of getting more exercise, this one will at least make a noticeable difference, EVEN if you are already healthy.

I’ve never felt such an impact from any supplement as I have with adding veggies to my day with regular juicing.

If you’re truly intent on being healthy though, THIS one thing still isn’t everything.

There are a few more simple things, but I’m saving that for another post.
To your health!

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