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Why You Should Balance Your Essential Fatty Acids

Many cancer specialists agree that cancer cannot thrive in an oxygen-rich environment. Low oxygen levels in cells are due to inadequate levels of undamaged ‘parent’ essential fatty acids (PEFAs) in the tissue cells’ membranes. PEFAs act as ‘oxygen magnets’, which attract the oxygen in the bloodstream and pull it through the membrane into the cell. Without a correct ratio of undamaged PEFAs, diets of organic produce, vitamins or fiber will be effective in the fight against cancer.

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Oxidative Stress as it Relates to Chronic Diseases of Aging

Oxidative stress is understood to be a¬†precursor to over 200 chronic, degenerative diseases, and many auto-immune disorders. The purpose of this post¬†is to help you understand more about what brings about oxidative stress, and how you can limit the effects of this process as you age. Oxidation and Glycation When you cut an apple and […]

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