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Elements necessary for our survival, critical to our sustaining wellness.

How to Know Your Real Recommended Daily Fiber Intake

Everybody knows we need fiber in our diets for good health. But do we even know how much is enough? And how much is in what foods? Fiber is known to aid in weight loss, prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and has been shown to help manage blood sugar levels. Many studies have confirmed an association between […]

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Chocolate – The ‘Other’ Food Group!

Being a lifelong chocoholic, I have often joked that chocolate is nutritious food, since it is from a bean (a vegetable), and by this I validated my habit. But although I would have loved to title this post “The Healing Properties of Chocolate” or “Chocolate Superfood”, I did not,  because although there are powerful anti-oxidant […]

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Here Are the Best Food Combinations for Your Digestion

Embarrassing gas? Uncomfortable bloating? Did you know that the combination of foods you eat might actually waste nutrients and negatively affect your digestion? There are food combinations that can actually alleviate gastric problems, and promote good health. When healthy digestion occurs, nutrients are absorbed, cells repair, and energy and metabolism increase. How we compromise our […]

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